Broadband Connectivity via Satellite

High Speed




Neptune offers a range of broadband internet service packages featuring 99%+ uptime and coverage across the entire Caribbean, Central American and Andean region. We are ideally positioned to support corporates, industrial users, supra-national agencies, financial institutions and NGOs who require extremely high network uptime for primary or back-up connectivity purposes, particularly for cloud-based IT systems.


VSAT-based solutions provide telecom and broadband connectivity for large and small enterprises, oil and gas, government agencies, financial service companies, point-of-sales, hospitality, disaster recovery, remote surveillance and many more industries. For organisations needing to interconnect sites with underserved or unreliable terrestrial infrastructure, modern VSAT data networks can be a crucial component to develop genuine resilience- by substituting or complementing terrestrial networks.

  • Immediate accessibility
  • Continuous high-quality transmissions
  • Scalable. They can quickly be expanded at very low extra cost to meet business demand.

Whether you need to connect remote sites to the internet backbone, interconnect local area networks, virtual private networks, videoconferencing or voice and data transmissions, our solutions are ideal for governments, enterprises, ISPs and satellite service providers with point-to-multipoint networks for long-distance communications.

Regional Context

The disastrous impact of hurricanes across the Caribbean since 2017 has focused the region on the need to develop its capacity for resilience in staple areas of life – energy, food, water, shelter and now, more than ever, internet connectivity.  The burgeoning impact of climate change on the small island developing states – as well as Guyana, Suriname and Belize – is forcing new “capacity-building” thinking by governments seeking to develop their rapid response, reboot and rebuild capabilities.  And robust, practiced, technology-enabled workstreams sit at the heart of the world’s public safety and disaster mitigation and recovery plans. Internet connectivity is a critical part of everyday life and governments, financial institutions, public safety agencies and others can no longer function without it.

Further, as dependence on cloud storage and services grows, markets need higher levels of uptime and network availability which is not often available with existing terrestrial networks. Connectivity provided by standard terrestrial networks including landline, mobile, fibre-optic, WiFi leaves mission-critical IT systems vulnerable to the increased frequency and intensity of hurricane systems, cyber-attacks/hacks, and other terrestrial mishaps, like cable breaks or downed powerlines.  For forward-looking homeowners, companies and governments, satellite broadband is the most secure, reliable way to ensure availability of resilient internet connectivity.